Monday, May 21, 2012

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Many residents are probably unaware that Lake Capri Estates borders the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, which was created in 2006. The National Heritage Area includes Arabia Mountain, Panola Mountain, the Monastery near Conyers, all of Lithonia and the area of DeKalb County that borders our neighborhood. Their mission is to protect and bring attention to greenspace, granite outcrops and historic buildings in the area. While this will not outright stop the construction of more cheap "cookie cutter" subdivisions near Lake Capri, it is a big step toward preserving the undeveloped areas around us and protecting the water quality of our lakes. You can see their website HERE and see an incredibly detailed map of the area HERE.

Their map shows two archeological sites off of Riviera Drive (the yellow stars on the map). Do any of our residents have any details on that?

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